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Customer Love

Meraki has some really exotic and differently textured ribbons.I stumbled upon them when I saw a gift beautifully wrapped from their brand and there’s no looking back after that.I have had the pleasure to work with them time and again and their order delivery and commitment to client is on point.

They are our go to brand for beautiful ribbons.

Yashu ~Pitara~
(Luxury gift wrapping and packaging company )

We came across Meraki about 6 years ago. Their ribbon designs and options had us floored. We have a gift packaging company and the one of a kind products we get from Meraki just goes with the entire ethos of our company. Apart from the online orders, Goa trips aren’t complete without a stop at the Meraki headquarters❤️. 

Shivani Chadha 
(Wrapped by S&S)

Finding Meraki was like finding gold! For someone in the design space, sourcing great quality products is extremely difficult in India. And if one were to get lucky and find those products - consistency in supply is unheard of. Shraddha has the most incredible collection of silk ribbons and in a colour palette that is truly amazing. We love using their ribbons for our clients, and look forward to working with Shraddha and her team.

Shreena Choksi  
All That Jazz 



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