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  1. Blue to Green Sheer Shaded
  2. Coral & Red Shaded
  3. Lt. Blue to Dark Blue Shaded
  4. Yellow to  Green Sheer Shaded
  5. Lt. Pink to green Sheer Shaded
  6. Lt. blue to white Sheer Shaded
  7. Copper and Red Sheer Shaded
  8. Copper & Purple Sheer Shaded
  9. Black to White Shaded
  10. Yellow to White  Shaded
  11. Sherbet Pink to White Shaded
  12. Hot Rose to Peony Pink Shaded
  13. Dark yellow & lt. Yellow Shaded
  14. Blue and Lime Green  Shaded
  15. Black to Grey  Shaded
  16. Antique blue to lt. navy  Shaded
  17. Raspberry Pink & Green  Shaded
  18. Pink with Garden Rose Shaded
  19. Puce & Red Shaded
  20. Dusty Pink & Green Shaded
  21. Yellow and Rust  Shaded
  22. Orange & Wine  Shaded


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